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Responsive web design is essential now a days and it is current trend as well. Now a days almost all new websites are having responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It is perfect solution for targeting customers on mobile market. Traditionally we create one website and it’s mobile version if required. But with the responsive website design we need to create single design which can work smoothly and show content according to device whether it is computer or smart phone or tablets. RWD provide optimal viewing experience. It also allows easy navigation and reading with minimum of scrolling, panning and re-sizing across wide variety of devices.

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It provides great user interface and experience

For any website customers (site visitors) are really important and another important things is to preserve or retain the existing site visitors. Content is king and once you have content which attract user to your site you should keep them interested. This can be done with responsive web design as it provided very good user experience. No matter how user is browsing through, from desktop or smartphone or tablet, responsive webdesign provides best and optimal experience. Flexibility with this type of design is another reason for great user experience.

Less cost yet better outcomes

One website having responsive web design will not need different mobile sites or mobile applications. Mainly because it will work in all desktops and devices. Often with simple design(non-responsive) we need other sites to show content perfect in devices but responsive web design can adjust content according to resolutions.

Website management is easier

Another benefit of having single website for all platforms is that content management will become much easier. As we do not need to maintain multiple copies of the same website.

Recommended by Google

Google finds crawling easier for indexing and organizing content with responsive web design. As they do not have to crawl multiple sites for desktop and various devices. Official Google blog post about finding more mobile friendly search results

Compatibility of social sharing

Sharing URLs with responsive web design is very effective. For instance what if someone has shared any URL from mobile device and other users follow those shared links on desktop? in this case users can see the same content regardless of what platform they are using to see the shared content.

It is beneficial for SEO

Also beneficial for SEO where all visitors will visit the same site and chances of having site at the top in search results will increase. If there are multiple sites for desktop and devices then SEO campaign needs to be different as well. With responsive web design you can follow the same SEO strategy.

Benefits shown above are just an overview. There are more benefits as well like increase conversion rates, increase sales by reaching customer on devices, great visibility in search engine, attract more customers by providing flexible content for devices, reduce bounce rates specially from devices, etc…

If you have any suggestions then feel free to drop me an email or to add a comment in comment section.

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