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I have a lot of expertise developing websites with the CodeIgniter framework. CodeIgniter was my first choice for website development because it existed before frameworks like Laravel. Even Symfony wasn't all that well-liked when it first came out. Based on the MVC architecture, CodeIgniter is a straightforward, user-friendly, and lightweight PHP framework for creating custom web applications.

I have all the skills required to build a website using CodeIgniter.

PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and MySQL experience is required in order to construct an effective and result-driven online application with CodeIgniter. I have now spent more than 12 years working with each of them.

The PHP framework I used first was this one. With this framework, I encountered numerous challenges and gained a lot of knowledge. I've utilized and altered pre-built libraries like those for sessions, routing, validation, pagination, etc. Additionally, I am highly familiar with the MVC design pattern and its architecture.

I have experience with continuous integration tools, project management tools, hosting and cloud platforms, as well as development skills and framework knowledge. This enables me to undertake a full development project.

My Services

Hire Codeigniter developer for the following services.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer - CodeIgniter Website Development

CodeIgniter website development

In order to construct completely functional websites, people need a simple, elegant toolset. CodeIgniter is a strong and lightweight PHP framework designed for this purpose. To create a solid website based on business context and priorities, you can engage a CodeIgniter developer. I provide hourly, full-time, and part-time CodeIgniter development services.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer - CodeIgniter Product Development

CodeIgniter product development

There are no restrictive coding rules in CodeIgniter, which is its strongest feature. Since CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks to learn, create, customize, and maintain, using it to build a custom product is a solid decision. CodeIgniter is the best framework for building any product since it has outstanding performance, is lightweight, and is very secure. For any kind of demand, you may engage a CodeIgniter developer to construct a product.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer - CodeIgniter Module Development

CodeIgniter module development

CodeIgniter supports code modularization to aid in the creation of reusable code. Modules are often focused on a single topic and can be viewed as mini-applications or a distinct section within your main application. The modularization strategy can greatly aid in creating a cleaner and more reliable codebase when the concept and requirement are more complex, such as in the case of ERP or CRM. I can construct the greatest stand-alone module development with a solid understanding of CodeIgniter's foundational concepts and default modules.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer - CodeIgniter Support

CodeIgniter maintenance & support

For ongoing company needs, I offer complete CodeIgniter maintenance and support services. In order to maintain the website current and error-free, I offer maintenance and support services that include performance optimization, source code management, bug fixing, manual testing, content updates, security upgrades, migration to newer versions (where available), third party integration, and website updates. For as little expense as possible, I offer monthly maintenance services to my clients so they can keep their CodeIgniter websites current.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer - CodeIgniter to Laravel Migration

CodeIgniter to Laravel migration

I can offer the best services for such a need if you are running a CodeIgniter web app and you would like to migrate it to Laravel. I am well-versed in both CodeIgniter and Laravel's architecture. I can quickly learn how the features in the present CodeIgniter web project are created, as well as how those features could be created using the Laravel framework. I've converted a lot of unique PHP and CodeIgniter web applications to Laravel. Share your requirements with me and get a free quote.

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