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Free WordPress plugin to receive online donation for Church | WP Church Donation

With WP Church Donation WordPress plugin, church websites built with WordPress can accept donations from sponsors, donors, members, fans and supporters via credit card payment options.

If you are having a church website then WP Church Donation is best and free WordPress plugin to receive donation on your site. WP Church Donation provides rich features and it is very easy to use. is most widely used payment gateway to process payments online and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and other variants of cards and best option to receive payment online. Install WP Church Donation Plugin and get started to accept donations through with ease.

Features overview of WP Church Donation plugin:

  • Accept donation using Credit Card.
  • Integration of Authorize.Net payment gateway to receive donation.
  • Easy to use Authorize.Net payment gateway settings options at administrator area.
  • Place donation form anywhere on the site using ShortCode.
  • List of donors along side with details for particular donation and donors at administrator area.
  • Email notifications to donors and site owner(administrator) when donation made.
  • Easy management of content used in email notification.
  • Facility to export donation and donors list for administrators.
  • Dynamic thank you page content with editable content at administrator area.
  • Allowed custom donation amount.
  • Form validations for both client side(using jQuery) and server side(using PHP).

How to install and use WP Church Donation WordPress plugin:

1. Installation with FTP

  • Download wp-church-donation plugin.
  • Extract plugin.
  • Upload wp-church-donation directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  • Go to Plugins option from left menu and activate ‘wp-church-donation’ plugin from the list.

2. Installation with Upload method via WordPress admin panel

  • Download wp-church-donation plugin.
  • Go to plugins page by clicking on Plugins menu item from left menu.
  • Click on ‘Add New’ option.
  • Upload the ‘plugin and activate.

3. How to configure payment gateway

setting page

  • After activating the plugin, click on ‘ Settings’ menu option under ‘Church Donation’ from left menu.
  • Enter your API credentials including ‘Login ID’ and ‘Transaction Key’.
  • There is a checkbox to enable test mode of, check to enable test mode and uncheck to enable live mode.
  • Save settings.

4. How to customize email content, thank you message and description provided on the top of the donation form

WP Church Donation Content Management

  • After activating the plugin, click on ‘Content’ menu option under ‘Church Donation’ from left menu.
  • It will show inputs to add Donation page header and message, thank you message, email notification subject and content.
  • Make changes according to your need.
  • Submit.

5. How to keep track on received donations list and manage it

WP Church Donation - Donors List

WP Church Donation - Donor Details

  • Click on ‘Church Donation’ from left menu.
  • You will see a list of donation entries.
  • Click on view details link to see all the details related to that donation entry.
  • Then click on delete to remove the entry from list.
  • Click on Export link at the top of listing to export all the entries in CSV format.

6. How to use WP Church Donation plugin at client side

  • Place short code “Show Church Donation Form” in your content inside “[]” .

WP Church Donation Form

7. Email will be sent to admin and donor on successful donation

Email to Donor - WP Church Donation

Email to Admin - WP Church Donation

This plugin only available to users with Authorize.Net payment gateway to receive donations but it can be extended and added other payment gateways like PayPal, DataTrans, WorldPay, etc… to it with customizing this plugin.

If you have any suggestions/comments then please do let me know with comments.

More information on plugin:
Download plugin:
Plugin FAQ:
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  • Ed ArctonMarch 12, 2015

    Work done well deserves commendation. You doing an excellent job,well done. Please can you help me improve on my website and activate the Donation plugin on my site.
    Thank you

  • Ashish AjaniMay 16, 2015

    Yes Ed, I replied via email. Thank you for using this plugin.

  • Faiz AlamSeptember 4, 2015

    wow!! that’s really nice, i am going to hang-one with this plugin for my client….

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