Website security audit services

Website security audit services

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Website security audit services

In business websites an enormous amount of content is available publicly which can be misused by anyone, specially by cyber criminals. I offer website security audit services to help you assessing your website security and in finding configuration error on the server setup if there is any. Website security audit services including manual testing as well as automated ensure that a website environment and website itself is safe from attacks. Security holes in website coding or in web server setup can harm to any business in terms of degradation of brand value or loss of private and confidential data. Therefore every website owner should measures security standards time to time on their website.

With web 2.0 and social media networking/marketing the ratio of sharing information is increased. Therefore the opportunity of doing business on-line is also increased. With the increasing business adoption of the web means websites are often attacked by hackers. The majority of attacks on web applications occur through SQL Injection and XSS and to deal with such attacks one should always perform security audits regularly on their site.

As a part of my website security audit services I always first understand the website concept, the scope behind the website and how it works. I do have vast experience of scripting languages and programming as well as web security standards. It helps me in making any website secure and safe.

Website security audit services I offer to make your website safe and secure:

  • Updating website with industry standards
  • Testing the security frameworks
  • Enhancing brand value by verifying the security certificates
  • Upgrading website performance
  • Providing long term security solutions by staying ahead of cyber attackers
  • Different customized solutions
  • Vulnerability assessments and solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • Source code security review
  • API and Mobile application security review
  • Data protection services
  • Framework version upgrades

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​Repair hacked WordPress site

​Repair hacked WordPress site

It is really important to react immediately, if you had your WordPress website hacked. I’ve skills and experience in dealing with all kind of hacking issues. I can repair hacked WordPress site no matter what kind of hacked case it is.

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