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website security audit services

There is a tonne of publicly accessible content on business websites that may be abused by anybody, but especially by online criminals. To assist you in evaluating the security of your website and, if necessary, in identifying server configuration errors, I provide website security audit services. The environment and the website itself are protected from threats by website security audit services, which include both automatic and manual testing. Any organization can suffer from a decline in brand value or the loss of private and personal data due to security flaws in website development or web server configuration. Consequently, every website owner should periodically check their website for compliance with security standards.

The ratio of information sharing has increased with web 2.0 and social media networking/marketing. As a result, there are more opportunities to conduct business online. As more businesses use the internet, websites are becoming targets of cyber attacks. The bulk of assaults on online applications use SQL Injection and XSS, hence doing routine security audits on one’s website is essential to defending against these kinds of attacks.

As a component of my security audit services for websites I always start by comprehending the idea behind the website, its purpose, and its operation. I do have extensive knowledge of web security standards, programming languages, and scripting languages. It assists me in creating a safe and secure website.

Services for auditing website security I propose to secure and safeguard your website.:

  • Updating website with industry standards
  • Testing the security frameworks
  • Enhancing brand value by verifying the security certificates
  • Upgrading website performance
  • Providing long term security solutions by staying ahead of cyber attackers
  • Different customized solutions
  • Vulnerability assessments and solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • Source code security review
  • API and Mobile application security review
  • Data protection services
  • Framework version upgrades

If you’re seeking for someone to make your website secure, functional, and safe, let’s get in touch.

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