Responsive website design is essential – Make your website mobile friendly

Responsive website design is essential – Make your website mobile friendly

Posted on 28 Mar, 2015 by Ajani Ashish | 2 comments

Responsive website design is essential - Make your website mobile friendly

Responsive website design is perfect solution for targeting customers on mobile market. Traditionally we create one website and it’s mobile version if required. But with the responsive website design we need to create single design which can work smoothly and show content according to device whether it is computer or smart phone or tablets. Responsive website design (RWD) provide optimal viewing experience and also allows easy navigation and reading with minimum of scrolling, panning and re-sizing across wide variety of devices.

A responsive website design takes your current website and instructs mobile devices on how to display it properly on a small screen without the hassle of re-designing the website for each devices specifications.

According to Google, from April 21, 2015 Google’s mobile ranking factors will not only mark your website as mobile friendly but it will also determine based on it that if your site should rank higher in the search results or not. Google said that the change in algorithm will have significant impact in the mobile search results. The main aim is to provide better search results for mobile users. So if your site is not mobile friendly then it may be a case where your rank in search results will not be same and you can loose potential business. Google said that this only will work for signed-in users who have the application installed on their smart-phone devices and it means only Android applications today.

Not mobile friendly and need to be responsive - Webmaster tools
Not mobile friendly and need to be responsive – Webmaster tools

Adults spend an average of 141 minutes a day using smart-phones. And out of those 89% will use their mobile device to find service providers. You can find more details about this here

Official Google blog post about finding more mobile friendly search results

How and Why SEO is very important

SEO is all about ranking of your site on a search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… for phrases or keywords related to your business. Higher rank is highly beneficial and also helpful in gaining popularity. If your rank is in top or we can say in first page you can gain new visitors every time when search made with keywords related to your business. And in some cases those visitors can remember it and visit again directly when the requirement is same.

About Google and SEO

Google is constantly evolving, and so we all need to evolve with them. As they release updates, we begin determining what the best practices are. Google recently announced their biggest adjustment yet: ranking mobile-friendly websites. Taking place on April 21, Google will now rank your site differently if it isn’t “mobile friendly.” Suddenly, effective SEO has evolved from simply making changes on your site to requiring major changes in the structure of your site. The way to get ahead in this new SEO world is to constantly evaluate, conduct research, and performing tests so you can see what works with regard to your industry and audience.

Steps to start with for responsive website design:


More resources:

If you need any help/suggestions in making your website mobile friendly then feel free to drop me an email or to add a comment in comment section. I’ve made hundreds of responsive website design and surely I will try to provide best I can.

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| 1 April 2015

Hi Ashish,

Yes, Responsive website design is essential in these days. If you have a WordPress blog you can use a plugin like wptouch to make a blog mobile friendly.

I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later.
All the best

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