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Are you trying to find a developer for Magento 2? I am a skilled Magento 2 freelancer who offers full-service solutions to companies all around the world. I work hard to deliver top-notch and dependable solutions for Magento 2 development because I have many years of experience in the e-commerce application development field. I can offer end consumers a flawless purchasing experience with my Magento development services. One of the most popular options for online stores worldwide is the Magento eCommerce platform eCommerce platform.

I have worked with both the 1.x and 2.x versions of Magento. I can work on any requirements, whether you want to develop a brand-new website utilizing the Magento 2.x version or want to upgrade your existing site from Magento 1.x to 2.x.

What you will receive if you hire me for Magento services.

Every successful eCommerce development project starts with a goal and a list of specifications. You have a goal, and I'm here to help you realize it, whether it's opening a new Magento store, integrating eCommerce capabilities into an already-existing Magento store, or switching your current website over to Magento.

After evaluating the criteria and the vision, I work on creating rough mockups, final designs, and HTML prototyping, in that order, until the scope is set. I can assist you with either a pre-made theme or a custom solution.

I am capable of working on anything, including the setup and configuration of a Magento store as well as frontend and backend programming. I specialize in creating modules and extensions, integrating 3rd parties, adding security, and migrating code. After testing is complete, I handle the migration from staging to production and offer one month of assistance for little problems or system awareness.

My Services

I am dealing with customers personally to provide following services.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - PSD to Magento 2 Services

PSD to Magento 2 theme and integration

I can create fully functional Magento 2 and Magento 1 themes from scratch using designs created in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. I adhere to Magento standards when creating the theme, keeping it lightweight and performance-optimized. The theme will work the same way even after upgrading Magento's version, is SEO friendly, and supports all significant extensions. I can build a Magento theme using Bootstrap framework or HTML5.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - Magento 2 Extension and Module Development

Magento 2 extension and module development

I've worked on Magento 2 extensions before. When creating themes from scratch, I frequently discover a few functionalities that aren't in Magento 2's list of basic features. And in this instance, I create extensions for Magento. I can create reusable addons that can be used with any well-known Magento theme. To ensure that my extensions won't interfere with other third-party features or the fundamental functionality of Magento, I always create them in accordance with its architecture and standards.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - Magento 2 API Development and Integration

Magento 2 API creation and integration

The Magento API is quite helpful for integrating this powerful eCommerce platform into other applications, such as the creation of mobile apps. The Magento web API framework enables web services-based communication with the Magento system. I am capable of using REST or SOAP APIs. I've also had experience integrating APIs from outside sources or third party. I have created a number of APIs where the online shops needed to talk to mobile apps.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - E-Commerce Enhancement Services

E-Commerce enhancements

Magento 2 is a fully featured eCommerce platform. But in order to improve Magento's fundamentals, we must take into account various design and need types. For instance, Magento emails are often simple and straightforward, but we may improve them to give customers a better impression of our firm. I can offer improvement services for offers, promotions, and one-step checkout, etc. I can be the perfect fit for your needs if you're looking to hire a Magento 2 developer to improve your store.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - Magento Store Optimization and Maintenance

Magento store optimization and maintenance

The website must be regularly updated with new features and services because company requirements vary over time. Any organization needs maintenance if it wants to succeed over time and compete in the market. Updates to current Magento 2 websites' designs, code evaluation and analysis, and locating and fixing errors and bugs are all things I can handle.

Hire Magento 2 Developer - OsCommerce - Opencart - Others to Magento Migration

OsCommerce, Opencart and others to Magento

Magento is a powerful eCommerce framework and has a rich set of features. I can assist you with the migration of an existing website established on a platform such as WordPress (WooCommerce, eCommerce, Shopp), OpenCart, ZenCart, OSCommerce, etc. to Magento 2. For you, I can build up a brand-new Magento website and transfer all of your content from the old website to the new one.


Third party integration

For practically any unique feature you require in your shopping cart, an extension is readily available. Instead of spending time and money developing bespoke features, it is much more advantageous to use ready-made extensions for each particular feature or necessity. I can integrate any kind of third party extension in your Magento store.

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