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Contact form to vCard Fields Mapping

Let’s take a look at what is vCard and Contact Form 7 before jumping into the details of Contact Form vCard Generator WordPress plugin.

vCard stands for Virtual Business Card. vCard was developed by a consortium founded by Siemens, AT&T, Apple and IBM which turned the specification over to an industry group in 1996 to the Internet Mail Consortium. There are many applications available to process vCard files.

You can take a look at here for the complete vCard information including vCard properties, extensions, variants and examples.

Contact Form vCard Generator WordPress plugin allows you to create and download vCard for all contact inquiries generated using Contact Form 7. Contact Form 7 is more like install, activate, configure and ready to go plugin. When it comes to setting up contact form in WordPress, there are many contact form WordPress plugins available and Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular, simple and smart.

We often need to import/export contacts here and there, vCard is one of the way to do that. This plugin is really helpful for so you like to generate vCard from Contact inquires generated via Contact Form 7.

How to install Contact Form vCard Generator

  1. Download plugin Contact Form vCard Generator from here
  2. Login at the admin area of your website.
  3. Click on “Plugins” from left menu.
  4. Click on “Add New” button appearing at the top.
  5. Click on “Upload Plugin” button appearing at the top.
  6. Click on “Browse” button and upload plugin zip file, then press the “Install Now” button.
  7. Activate the plugin.

Important Notes

Contact Form 7 plugin is necessary to use Contact Form vCard Generator.

Must install Contact Form 7

– Contact Form vCard Generator plugin provides an interface to map contact form fields to vCard fields. If you are looking to create new contact form and use that with this plugin then you don’t have to do anything, just follow the steps provided below in “How To Setup”. But if you are looking to use any existing contact form then you must edit and save that contact form.

Must edit existing form created with Contact Form 7

How To Setup

Once the plugin activated, click on “Contact Form vCard Generator” from left menu and it will open up new page to setup and configure various plugin options. Click on first tab “Contact Form to vCard Fields Mapping”.
There is one input having label “Enter Contact Form Shortcode”, copy the Contact Form 7 shortcode and place in this input. Click on “Enter” button. Please take a look at the important notes section above to use existing contact form’s shortcode.

Shortcode form

How To Map Contact Form 7 Fields To vCard Fields

Once the Contact Form 7 setup completed, you’ll able to see all the fields of form under “Contact Form Fields”. Alongside with all fields there will be one selection box for each field in 2 column named “vCard Properties”.

This selection box contains the standard properties/fields to generate vCard. You can select appropriate values from the selection box based on the form fields.

For example if you have “First Name” field in contact form then you can map it with “First Name” in the selection box.

There is also a checkbox near all form fields, you can disabled any number of fields which you don’t like to include in the vCard (or fields may not compatible with the available vCard options).

Contact form fields to vCard fields mapping

After mapping all necessary fields, don’t forget to click on “Save Settings” button to save the changes.

How To Download vCard

There are two options available to download vCard.

– Click on Download link appearing in the contact entry to download vCard for individual entry

– Click on “Download vCard For All Entries” to download vCard containing information for all entries.

vCard download options

Additional Settings

Contact Form vCard Generator WordPress plugin provides facility to generate the vCard file when someone submit the form. And attach that vCard with the contact form email. Click on Settings tab, select YES in “Do you like to attach vCard with contact email” and click on Save button.

vCard settings

As an overview Contact Form vCard Generator can be really helpful if you like to add peoples in your address book from the contact inquiries. You just need to generate vCards and import into the address book. If you find any difficulty in using this plugin, please do not hesitate to share details with me. You can also share your feedback to improve features of this plugin.

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