Personal WordPress dashboard – WP Show Stats WordPress plugin

Personal WordPress dashboard – WP Show Stats WordPress plugin

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Personal WordPress dashboard - WP Show Stats WordPress plugin

WP Show Stats is comprehensive WordPress plugin which provides everything you needed to keep an eye on your blog statistics. It is an analytics tool for blogger. When your blog is very large this WordPress plugin allows you to improve your blog performance and keep track on pages, posts, categories, tags, users, etc…

While running a WordPress blog it is not enough to have a good hosting, beautiful theme and content. There is also another important thing is to analyze your website.

It is extremely difficult to find the best WordPress plugin which can provide facility to analyze your website with interface where you can see how the WordPress elements are used in your WordPress site. And it is even more difficult as there are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory or it may be a case where one can not choose the best for their usage or need.

It is a simple WordPress plugin that embeds charts in your blog and shows the usage and numbers related to blog. It can act as your personal WordPress dashboard. All the charts are shown using Google Charts.

Overview including summary of usage in terms of Blog posts created, pages created, users registered, comments received, categories created, tags used and details about custom post type if used.


  • Blog post statistics including total blog posts status wise.
  • Page statistics including total pages status wise.
  • User statistics including total users role wise.
  • Comment statistics including total comments status wise.
  • Category statistics including total categories parent/child.
  • Tags statistics including total used and unused tags.
  • Custom post types and Other post types usage.
WP Show Stats Dashboard
Dashboard – WP Show Stats

Blog stats

How your WP blogs are coming along. See count of blogs by status, longest and shortest posts, year/month wise posts, etc…

  • Post by status (including Private, Pending, Draft, Published, Trash and Future)
  • 5 Most commented posts
  • Posts by year
  • Longest 5 posts
  • Shortest 5 posts
  • Posts by months (Year wise)
WP Show Stats - Blog Post Stats
Blog Post Stats – WP Show Stats

User stats

How and when users registered on your WordPress site in terms of years and months. Also how many types of users for each roles.

  • Role wise users and total users of each role including Administrator, Editor, Contributor, Author, Subscriber and Custom Roles
  • Year wise user registration including total users per year
  • Month wise user registration including total users per month
WP Show Stats - User Stats
User Stats – WP Show Stats

CPT stats

If your WordPress site using Custom Post types then it will be very useful to see how many post types are there including inbuilt and custom. Also how many records are there for each custom post types.

  • Total post types including inbuilt and custom post types
  • Total records of all custom post types, records per post type
  • List of all inbuilt and custom post types created
WP Shot Stats - Custom Post Types Stats
Custom Post Types Stats – WP Shot Stats

Category stats

How the categories are created including parent-child relationship and most/less used.

  • Parent and child categories stats with total categories
  • Used/Unused categories stats
  • 5 Most used categories
  • 5 Less used categories
WP Show Stats - Category and Subcategory Stats
Category and Subcategory Stats – WP Show Stats

Comment stats

How viewers/readers are commenting to your blogs, you can see year and month wise analysis of comments received.

  • Comments count by status including Approved, In Moderation, Spam and Trash
  • 5 Most commented posts
  • Comments count by year
  • Most comments by Authors with count of comments
  • Month wise comments stats
WP Show Stats - Comments Stats
Comments Stats – WP Show Stats

Tag stats

How you used tags with your posts.

  • Used/Unused tags stats
  • 5 Most used tags with count of usage
  • 5 Less used tags with count of usage

WP Show Stats - Tags Stats
Tags Stats – WP Show Stats

This is the very first release of this WordPress plugin and looks like having rich set of features which can help analyzing day by day usage of WordPress elements like post, pages, users, etc… in your WordPress site.

Furthermore, this WordPress plugin for statistics and it is exclusively for the users of WordPress, which let them know about how their site content is organized.

Finally, suggestions/comments are welcome to make this WordPress plugin better.

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