WP Copy Media URL an excellent utility plugin

WP Copy Media URL an excellent utility plugin

Posted on 28 Mar, 2018 by Ajani Ashish | No comment

While dealing with large content we often need to copy media URLs from media library and here WP Copy Media URL plugin helps a lot.

With my personal experience I often need to copy media URLs while migrating content from one site to another. I know there are various tools available for content migration but when it comes to manual content migration this plugin helps a lot. Think of a case where one needs to copy media URLs of thousand items. For this we have to click on the media item, open up the details view, then select the link inside input and copy the URL. Following this process for large number of media items can take lots of time.

WP Copy Media URL WordPress plugin makes this process easier. You don’t have to open up the details page of media item. Instead plugin adds one button right under the thumbnail in grid view and allows copying URL with just a single click.


Features of WP Copy Media URL:

  • Easy to use and light weight
  • Copy media URL easily with just a single click
  • Provides a button in all views of medial library
  • Allows copying URL of image, video, PDF, document, etc…
  • Simple yet powerful plugin


WP Copy Media URL screen shots:


1. Media Library – Grid View

Media Library - Grid View - WP Copy Media URL
Media Library – Grid View


2. Media Library – List View

Media Library - List View - WP Copy Media URL
Media Library – List View


3. Upload New Media

Upload New Media - Wp Copy Media URL
Upload New Media


4. Media Library – Attachment Details

Media Library - Attachment Details - WP Copy Media URL
Media Library – Attachment Details


5. Edit Media

Edit Media - WP Copy Media URL
Edit Media


6. Add New Post or Add New Page

Add New Post Or Page - WP Copy Media URL
Add New Post Or Page


7. Settings

WP Copy Media URL - Settings


You can download this plugin from WordPress plugin repository

Download WP Copy Media URL


Hope this WordPress utility plugin will make copying media URL process easier for someone. If you have any feedback or question, please leave a comment below or connect with me from here


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