Download Free Resume Template PSD – Creative And Professional

Download Free Resume Template PSD – Creative And Professional

Posted on 18 Apr, 2018 by Ajani Ashish | No comment

Freelancer Coder Free Resume Template PSDs

Resume is a little piece of paper can make life easier to get a job, so it must be complete and vocal enough to convince the recruiters. All important aspects including certification, designation, experiences, talents, potentials have to be mentioned in your resume. For this you can download free resume template PSD and start creating one for yourself.

Few years back when I was looking for the job, I mostly focused on preparing for an interview. And never tried creating a professional and great looking resume. Every time I listed my education, skills, experiences, talents in a simple Word document. But now I feel that resume writing as a form of art.

Technology peoples including designers, developers and engineers feel the pressure when it comes to interview or hiring process. I specially recommend these technology peoples to avoid the common mistakes peoples often makes while creating their resume. Investing some time in polishing and making resume perfect will help in getting higher values comparing to Spam employers with resumes having incomplete or unorganized information.

As soon as we start writing resume we start facing situations like how to present skill-sets, how to include introductory text, how to present qualification, and most importantly what is the best way which displays our passion and the areas we specialize in. After all the information presented in the resume will make the first impression on recruiter or employer and all depends on how good the resume is.

Therefore, today I am sharing one free, beautiful, creative, and professional resume template which you would love to grab for yourself.

Freelancer Coder - Download Free Resume Template PSD Set

Download Free Resume Template PSD

This free resume template PSD is to help you getting into that great job in the creative field at small businesses, big businesses, or even startups. This free resume template PSD is fully layered and organized to keep customization very simple. You can easily manage this template through Photoshop.

  • Regulation: (300 dpi)
  • Print Ready: Yes
  • Size: (A4: 8.27 × 11.69 inches)
  • File Format: PSD
  • File Size: (92 MB)
  • Fonts: (Roboto, Poppins)
  • Number of Items in Set: 6
  • Author: Freelancer Coder
Download Free Resume Template PSDs


You are free to change any of the detail after downloading. I will be happy to assist you for any of your query, drop me a request here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Check out my one page PSD template and HTML Template on ThemeForest. Best suitable for personal portfolio, small business websites, creative studio and product launch websites.

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