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Hire PHP Developer

Finding the greatest freelance PHP developer who shares your vision, grasps your precise requirements, and shares your enthusiasm is not always simple. I carefully consider the requirements as a skilled freelance PHP developer and offer you a solution that might be truly helpful and aid in your goal-achieving.

My skill set:
  • Development: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, and APIs.
  • Version control: SVN, CVS, Git, and BitBucket.
  • Database management: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and MongoDB.
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Project management: Jira, Asana, Basecamp
  • Others: Design patterns, OOP, Responsive Web, Hosting server management

For a few of the reasons listed below, you can rely on me for your development requirements.

Three-Step Process For Developing

Attentive to details, goal oriented and streamlined

I constantly attempt to pay close attention to even the smallest details whether designing a CMS, CRM, ERP, customized product, or an online store in order to provide the best possible solution. I think the best way to create solutions that are both reliable and bug-free is to follow the whole development life cycle.

Highly experienced with a proven track record

I always think that a relationship with my clients should last a long time, and I never let them down. Since I've been using PHP to create websites for more than ten years, I can offer feature-rich, conversion-focused, secure, current, and optimized solutions for any need. Many stories concerning my development services have been shared by both my current and former clientele which I showcased on Testimonials page.

Satisfaction guaranteed

I make a sincere effort to deliver 100% satisfying results within the budget and timescale set forth upfront, regardless of the type of development requirements you may have. I appreciate my clients' company objectives and help them realize their vision by providing high-quality services.


My Services

I work directly with clients to offer the services below.

Hire PHP Developer - Custom PHP Website Development

Custom PHP development

I am a pro at offering end-to-end solutions for developing bespoke PHP websites that are focused on the needs of the client. I provide bespoke CMS development, website development, e-commerce development, API development, and creation of web services. My main priorities are always delivering services that are dependable, swift, inventive, and cost-effective.

Hire PHP Developer - Desktop App to Web App Migration

Desktop app to web migration

Desktop applications are computer programs that run locally. It cannot be accessed through a browser like websites and must be deployed or installed on a desktop or laptop. These programs are faster, more secure, and available without an internet connection. I can move the desktop program to a website if that's what you want to do. On the basis of PC apps, I have created numerous web platforms. Based on their current desktop programs, I have used PHP to redesign hospital management systems, finance management systems, and employee management systems.

Hire PHP Developer - Legacy PHP Website Maintenance Services

Legacy PHP web maintenance

Do you have an older PHP-built website or online tool that costs more to maintain? By taking on the cumbersome job of maintaining such a website in an economical manner, I can assist you in making this process simpler for you. I am capable of managing hosting servers, making improvements, correcting bugs, doing administrative tasks, and providing technical assistance. The website needs maintenance to be safe, reliable, scalable, and most importantly, to continue offering the best user experience.

Hire PHP Developer - CRM - HRM - ERP Development with PHP

CRM, HRM, ERP development

Businesses that have a large staff base, a large inventory, a large customer base, and a high volume of sales need systems like CRM, HRM, and ERP. I excel in creating innovative and useful programs that help companies manage their operations more efficiently. Compared to commercially accessible ready-made frameworks and CMSs, custom PHP development is more appropriate for such platforms. I enjoy finding solutions to more challenging issues that benefit a sizable user base in their daily lives.


API development and integration

I am capable of creating APIs using both customized PHP and frameworks for API development including Silex, Wave, Slim, Lumen, and Limonade. I can offer the finest solutions for all of them, whether it involves integrating or developing internal, private, or public APIs. Both API providers and API consumers like and use the following technologies, and I have extensive experience with each of them: REST, JSON, OAuth, JWT, and Webhooks.

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