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A WordPress developer is someone who specialises in the overall architecture of the WordPress platform. Being a WordPress developer is not just about integrating a theme or installing necessary plugins. To be a best WordPress developer one must know the WordPress architecture inside out.

I am skilled in the following areas and can provide clients with well-designed, optimized websites.

  • Excellent skills to build a theme or plugin from scratch
  • I know WordPress inside out
  • Familiarity with smallest WordPress features
  • Extensive experience building website using various page builders
  • Experience building WordPress website over wide variety of concepts
  • Good knowledge of SEO
  • Ability to build and keep the website secure
  • 15 years of experience over HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP Habit of building performance optimised websites
  • Knowledge and experience about different hosting servers
  • And more.

As a page builder expert, I possess expertise in utilizing website builders to create websites. Using well-known website builders like Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Divi, and others, I have already created hundreds of WordPress websites.

With a visual method and an easy-to-use editor, WordPress website builders are specifically made to assist in developing WordPress website pages. Such a website builder doesn’t require technical expertise because anyone with a basic understanding of editors can create stunning websites and landing pages. Features such as drag and drop interfaces, pre-made page designs, content resizing and positioning capabilities, animation effects, and more enable quick website building without the need for coding.

I use the website builders listed below on a daily basis to quickly and beautifully develop WordPress websites.

WP Bakery Expert


Nowadays, there is no need to consider design while selecting a WordPress theme because there is a vast array of layouts and styles available. The key factors are the theme’s coding quality and the builder’s compatibility with the theme. For my clients, the ease of self-management of the website material is of utmost importance.

WPBakery is a WordPress page builder plugin that allows you to design layouts using drag and drop for both frontend and backend editors. With WPBakery, you can create a basic website with zero coding and even achieve sophisticated customisation with no code.

Any WordPress theme can be easily integrated with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. On top of your preferred theme, you may effortlessly construct any kind of layout.

Notable features

  • Both frontend and backend page builders
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Ready to use content elements, addons and themes
  • Skin builder
  • Professional online support
  • Ability to extend page builder functionality
  • Responsive and mobile friendly layouts
  • CPT support

Need a WordPress expert for your project?

Hire a skilled WordPress expert to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Elementor Expert - Page Builder Expert


One of the greatest builders for making website design and development simpler, faster, and less expensive is the drag-and-drop Elementor page builder. I am well familiar with Elementor’s features because I use it on a daily basis to create websites for my clients.

I think the purpose of the Elementor builder is to rapidly and effectively create gorgeous, elegant websites. Because the builder is simple to use and lightweight, I can construct websites that meet the requirements within the allotted time.

I have used Divi, Beaver, VC, and other builders, and so far, the Elementor builder is the finest. You can definitely utilize this if you’re having trouble deciding which builder is ideal for you.

Notable features

  • User friendly
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to build using drag and drop
  • Many free add-ons available
  • Fast frontend page editing
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Amazing and supportive community

Need a WordPress expert for your project?

Hire a skilled WordPress expert to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Visual Composer Expert

Visual Composer

With its sophisticated design features, adaptable typefaces, user-friendly interface, and smooth drag-and-drop editor powered by React, this page builder is also good. Numerous well-known plugins, like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, ACF, MailChimp, and others, are compatible with Visual Composer. The majority of the integration may be controlled straight from the frontend editor.

You may construct extensions, incorporate the editor into WordPress themes, and make unique solutions for clients using the Developer API. Visual Composer provides complex functionality for expert developers and an easy-to-use interface for beginners with a minimal learning curve.

Notable features

  • True drag and drop interface
  • Hide or copy/paste elements
  • Easy to use interface
  • 500+ templates, addons, blocks and elements
  • Compatibility with lots of popular plugins
  • Fast frontend page editing
  • Easy to use elements

Need a WordPress expert for your project?

Hire a skilled WordPress expert to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Divi Expert - Page Builder Expert


Divi is a drag-and-drop visual website builder for WordPress that requires no coding. With Divi builder, you can create beautiful websites from scratch without writing a single line of code.

It is a website builder as well as a page builder. You can make all of the unique templates needed to develop each component of the website with Divi. Furthermore, you may create dynamic template layouts with Divi thanks to its built-in dynamic components.

With the help of this builder, WordPress now has a visual design layer that can be utilized to construct stunning websites. It is easy to use and suitable for novices, while it may be powerfully customized for experts and more experienced users.

Notable features

  • Build pages visually on the frontend
  • Advanced design interface
  • Allow customization for every part of the website
  • Active community and good support Easy to use elements
  • Large number of third party themes, layout, modules support
  • Ability to create custom modules

Need a WordPress expert for your project?

Hire a skilled WordPress expert to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Beaver Expert - Page Builder Expert


Beaver Builder is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a free website builder that has real-time visual editing and drag & drop functionality.

With Beaver Builder, you can change themes without losing any of your content. If you quit using the page builder, it will keep all of the content—images and text copies—in the WordPress editor. In this manner, in case you get uneasy with the builder, you may return to the original settings.

Performance-wise, it is also among the lightest page builders in terms of out-of-the-box optimization, which is fantastic.

Notable features

  • Wide variety of templates
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Fully customizable pages and templates
  • Easy integration with theme and plugins
  • Free lite version
  • Active community and good support
  • Responsive design and SEO friendly

Need a WordPress expert for your project?

Hire a skilled WordPress expert to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Gutenberg Expert - Page Builder Expert

Gutenberg Editor

Finally, I would want to talk about Gutenberg as I have recently used it to build a lot of websites and I truly like working with this editor.

An intriguing WordPress editor is Gutenberg. It is the default editor for WordPress, first available in version 5.0. As previously said, it is an editor that has all of the elements you usually need to construct a web page, including headings, paragraphs, lists, widgets, columns, buttons, and embeds. It is not a page builder. Compared to TinyMCE, the previous WordPress editor, Gutenberg offers a better visual representation of the page, making it more equivalent to a page builder.

It’s acceptable to spend more money on a page builder if doing so will benefit you or if necessities demand it. Otherwise, using the Gutenberg editor instead of alternative page builders can result in financial savings.

The best thing about the Gutenberg editor from a security perspective is that updating Gutenberg just requires updating WordPress. For others, you must edit them individually with the page builder in addition to any other complimentary plugins that are needed.

Notable features

  • Blocks to create content
  • Absolutely free
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Easy to use
  • More flexibility in terms of customization
  • Designed and optimised for WordPress
  • SEO Friendly

To sum up, website builders save money and effort. With its many features, layouts, designs, and visual editor, it makes it easy to quickly create beautiful websites. Please share your specifications with me if you’re looking to employ a WordPress website builder professional for your upcoming project. I am well-versed in the most widely used website builders on the market.

I also have familiarity with many of the JS frameworks and libraries, HTML, CSS, PHP, and other languages required to make these builders. As a page builder expert, I am well familiar with the builders and possess the ability to utilize them efficiently, as well as modify or expand them as needed.

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