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Freelance WordPress Developer and Frontend Developer

As a Freelance WordPress Developer I design and build user friendly, easy to navigate and most importantly fast WordPress websites. Either just responsive coding or full website development, I help clients all over the world to create incredible experiences with world class responsive coding and WordPress development.

I am a pro at troubleshooting glitches in any code of WordPress. I have been maintaining numerous websites and I undertake opportunities to rectify errors, add features and install plugins to the existing websites.


Perfect solution for each phase of a website

For any particular project, I can oversee the entire lifecycle of website creation. I share my experience with my clients to help them make the right decisions, from requirement analysis to deployment. The list below summarizes my skills at each stage of web app design and development.

Frontend Developer - Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis

Any website development process must include a critical step called requirements analysis. The cost of the project may increase if a specialist is added to analyze the requirements. I assist my clients in thoroughly analyzing their needs. I am capable of creating the RAD (requirement analysis document), SDD (software design document), and SAD (system/software architecture document). My familiarity with conceptual models and annotation diagrams—such as use case, sequence, and data flow—helps me significantly when creating these kinds of documentation.

Frontend Developer - Design and Frontend Development

Design & frontend development

I am able to determine the ideal design for every type of website. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Zeplin, Sketch, and Figma are all applications I am quite proficient with. I utilize HTML5, CSS (sass-less), JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap for front-end development. I've created hundreds of responsive frontend themes as a frontend developer for usage with unique PHP, Joomla, Magento, and especially WordPress websites. I assume full responsibility for establishing the layouts, designing numerous pages and sections, creating prototypes, and turning them into high-quality responsive themes for many of my projects.

Frontend Developer - Backend Development

Backend development

I can create the ideal website for any need as long as the foundation is PHP-based. I excel at writing clear, reusable, efficient, dependable, and bug-free code, whether it is for a bespoke PHP, a framework, or any CMS. Using my customized PHP code, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, and NodeJS. I offer backend development services. I can work on APIs (REST, JSON, OAuth, JWT, and Webhooks) to interact with external data sources in addition to developing websites. Additionally knowledgeable in databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, and NoSQL.

Frontend Developer - Optimization

Optimization & manual testing

Before a web application goes online, I always prefer to optimize it for performance. No matter if it is a personal interest website, an online store, a commercial website, or a product intended for a specific audience, I have my own checklist that I follow before going live. I pay close attention to details like responsiveness, performance, codebase, and security—which is the most important on the website. In order to ensure that the final product meets the criteria and that all the features operate as intended, I additionally conduct manual testing. As a front-end developer, I am aware of the value of manual testing, particularly when it comes to testing responsive themes.

Frontend Developer - Deployment Process


The design and development phases of a website should not receive all of the attention. The phase of website deployment is also crucial but occasionally disregarded. Deployment is a relatively challenging procedure, whether it involves launching a new website or adding updates to an existing one. By taking care of server setup and configuration, staging setup, DNS records, backup solutions, and go live, I am able to manage website deployment. Additionally, I am proficient in using a variety of CI/CD solutions, such as GitLab, Azure DevOps, and AWS CodeDeploy.

Frontend Developer - Maintenance Activity

Support & maintenance

All websites eventually require support and maintenance due to corporate expansion, intense rivalry, security risks, and constantly evolving technology. To ensure that the website is secure and has decent page loading speeds, good page sizes, low request counts per page, no broken links, and external data sources that are working well, I take on monthly maintenance contracts. Your website may be made safe, secure, and updated with just a few hours of maintenance work each month, tremendously benefiting your business.

Stories from my clients.

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to what my clients have to say.
These are wonderful people who valued the effort I put in.

Ashish is great to work with, his communication is good, constant and he always replies in a timely manner. His knowledge is really good and he is always very helpful. So glad someone recommended him and happy to recommend him as he is easy to work with and won't let you down.

Deborah - Freelancer Coder

Deborah M.

Business and Project Operations

Ashish helped us with several coding assignments and we are very satisfied with the work he delivered. Communication is clear and any problems or adjustments are resolved quickly.

Creativ Media Haarlem

Emiel Ponsen

Creativ Media Haarlem

Ashish and his team were creative, responsive, and worked within our budget to create a fantastic looking website that has all the functionality we wanted. He is so talented, we feel lucky to have found him. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a website developer.

Emily Burns

Emily Burns

Principal at FranBizNetwork and Round Table Pizza franchisee
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