Job Search Engines and Job Boards difference

Job Search Engines and Job Boards difference

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Job Search Engines and Job Boards difference

Job Search Engines and Job Boards difference.

While searching for job or candidates we often go through various websites related to jobs and resumes.

For jobs there are large number of websites available now a days and also having very good number of open opportunities for one who is finding a job or an opportunity. But out of them some websites are Job Boards and some are  Search Engines. Both type of websites are related to job, then what is different between Job Search Sites and Job Boards? Lets go and identify the difference between Job Boards and Job Search Engines. It is also a great idea to go through the details because as a job seeker you should know that from where these job listings coming from.

Job Search Engines

Job Search Engine show aggregate job listings from other employer websites and many different job boards. You can search for any kind of job on Job Search Engines and they can provide list of results from different websites. They collect tons of jobs on their platforms. SimplyHired and Indeed are famous, most popular and importantly most useful job search engines in recent times. There are also some job search engines exists for specific industries or career fields.

Job Boards

Unlike job search sites, on most job boards you can find jobs posted by employers directly on those websites. A job board is a website which shows listing of jobs directly posted by recruiters/employers. This kind of sites often charge employers for their listing. Monster, Dice, ZipRecruiter and Careers 2.0 are examples which allows job posting across many industries to recruiters. Also allow candidates to create their profiles and apply to any of the job they like to.

In short if you are looking for wide variety of jobs, interested in analysis, like to choose from bunch of jobs and most importantly job postings from various sites then job search engines are best places. But if you are looking to contact the recruiters/employers directly by applying to their specifically listed open positions then you should go for job boards instead of job search engines. Both job boards and job search engines are useful in one or other way where job boards will not show you listings from many websites at one place and on job search engines it may be a case where you will not able to contact the recruiters directly.

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