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Yoast SEO plugin is really helpful for any WordPress site. It comes with variety of features to start SEO of any website. SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now a days almost website owners has heard about it. It is really important for a website to have good SEO value as it can help in sales for the services or products their business websites.

WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines and it is SEO friendly. It comes with several built in SEO tools like ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, pinging, blogrolling, and pinging, etc…

WordPress is SEO optimized or SEO friendly?

There is not such a thing as a search engine optimized CMS. WordPress is search engine friendly CMS. But as a website owner you will still need to do some manual SEO work for best outcomes. Just selecting WordPress CMS will not help ranking your site on Google’s first page automatically. This is where Yoast SEO plugin can help.

Just installing SEO plugin will not be enough as well, but with plugin like Yoast SEO you can do all the basic stuffs which can help you sites ranking and generate traffic.

At the time of writing this post, Yoast SEO plugin has 24,287,915 downloads and over 1 million active installs. Better SEO and ranking is equal to more traffic to your business website and it means more customers. Therefore, as soon as your site starts appearing in search results you will start getting potential customers

You can download plugin from here or a premium version from here

Reasons to use WordPress Yoast SEO plugin:

1. It will improve organic search engine rankings and on-page SEO

2. It is providing facilities to link site with Google Webmaster tools. Every time new content published it will notify search engines automatically.

3. This plugin generates XML sitemap automatically with list of all webpages on your site. This sitemap XML file is helpful in telling search engines about your site content structure and information on what pages contains what kind of information.

4. Probably one of the most useful feature is that Yoast SEO provides Google search result snippet preview. This will help to see exactly how your content will look on Google search engine listing page when your site’s link will appear there.

5. Yoast SEO plugin provides ranking page by page. It will show status like Good, Ok, Bad or Poor based on content, focus keyword, title and other things used in blog/page. This recommendations will help in improving from Poor to Good.

Using plugin like Yoast SEO is really recommended instead of using theme managers or theme’s internal functions to do SEO setup. Upon changing theme one can lost all changes/setup made for SEO. Therefore, based on my experience I can say that WordPress sites using Yoast SEO plugin get quicker rankings on search engines.

In addition, SEO is not a thing which can be quick and easier like “Plugin installed and nothing to do now, just wait for traffic”. It is not a thing like set and forget. SEO is a continuous process, installing and using Yoast SEO plugin is quick start up for that.

Furthermore, there are many other reasons for using Yoast SEO plugin which I’ve not included in above list because Yoast SEO plugin is providing many useful features. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to suggest via comment or drop me an email. I will include that in list above.

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  • johnstanyJuly 17, 2017

    I wondered upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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