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Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Laravel framework based on PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI

About The TechScan Project

TechScan Project Planner is an online solution for a private company. The client, office employees, technicians, and administrator can all benefit from the system. The system is designed to simplify the challenging work of managing projects, since each project is made up of numerous small details. 

This system enables the creation of new projects, the addition of client and equipment details, the assignment of projects to technicians and staff, the addition of various certificates and documentation for both personnel and equipment, the tracking of progress, and much more.

When compared to manual project management, this online system made it 20 times faster. With this new method, tasks that formerly took 20 minutes to manage in XLS now take only 2 minutes. In contrast to XLS, where it was necessary to travel through various tabs in several sheets, the system’s integrated project calendars made it simple to view all project details with just one click.

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What they wanted

  • A private cloud based secure system.
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate interface.
  • User management with different roles and permissions.
  • A complete project management .
  • Equipment management.
  • Client management.
  • Various dynamic reports to track project, equipment, cost, etc…
  • Project calendars with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.

What they got

  • Secure and private cloud based web application based on Laravel.
  • Accelerated the process of managing projects.
  • Project calendars on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.
  • A complete documents and certificates management for employees.
  • A comprehensive administration of documentation and certifications for equipment.
  • Well-designed, multi-step forms make it simple to create and maintain projects.
  • Ability to track the equipment based on location.
  • UI that is beautiful and easy to use.
  • The ability to monitor projects according to status, duration, time-frame and deadline.
  • Variety of dynamic reports.
  • Projects, Users, Equipment, Holidays, and Leave management.
We are amazed by how much TechScan Project Planner has improved our productivity and performance. Compared to our previous manual method using XLS, this online system is 20 times faster and simpler. We are very happy and satisfied with TechScan Project Planner and we highly recommend Ashish to anyone who needs a reliable and robust online project management solution. TechScan Project is the best thing that ever happened to our business.
Nicolas Fordham
CEO at TechScan
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