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Responsive HTML, WordPress


Responsive HTML, WordPress

This was the most demanding and complicated requirement for me.

Gabriela hired me to build a website which was based on property listing. I was responsible for preparing responsive HTML and WordPress Integration. It took almost 5 months to complete the website according to requirements.

This was a real test of WordPress, ACF, Custom Post Types, WPML and most importantly my skills.

Website was launched in 2 different languages and received good response from website visitors.

I am still maintaining this website to make sure the site is up and running and making minor changes based on new ideas of the client.

My Responsibilities

  • Responsive HTML
  • WordPress integration
  • Multi Language website
  • Google API integration
  • Content migration
  • Deploying a website
  • Website optimization
Ashish is the best freelancer coder I have ever worked with! I can't recommend him enough! He is quick to understand the projects and delivers amazing results every time. He is up to speed with the latest technology and gives the best suggestions to improve the work flow. We have been working together (overseas) for over 5 years and have never met in person, but even though that, I feel like I have a tremendous work force behind me ready to jump into a new project at a moment's notice.
Gabriela Jara Doussoulin - Freelancer Coder
Gabriela Jara-Doussoulin
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