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eCommerce, Magento, Responsive HTML

Kasho Shears

eCommerce, Magento, Responsive HTML

This was my first Magento 2 project. Using Magento 1 I built many e-commerce websites but this was one of the hardest websites for me.

I built the Magento 2 theme from the design and integrated it into the e-commerce site. I also made many changes in default checkout functionality to customize the order process according to design.

Based on requirements I also built custom made Magento 2 extensions for this website.

It was really hard to build a theme from scratch for my first Magento 2 project. I worked on similar requirements for Magento 1 but Magento 2 is completely different now. I learned a lot while working on this site and also enjoyed it very much.

The main benefit for me was that the client was not in a hurry to launch the site and it allowed me to build the perfect e-commerce store using Magento 2.

My Responsibilities

  • Responsive HTML
  • Magento theme integration
  • Extensions development
  • Deploying a website
  • Website optimization
I have been looking for a great developer for a while now, and I was very happy to find Ashish. He does great work, and meets deadlines on a consistent basis. He requires very little oversight, as everything is typically done 100% correct the first time. I absolutely recommend Ashish as a developer.
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