Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap Development

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Bootstrap Development

Hire bootstrap developer either to convert your non-responsive website to responsive or to prepare responsive HTML for your designs.

Bootstrap is one of the best framework in website business to kick start a responsive website design. I suggest this to most of my clients due to its perfectness and robustness.

In addition, it is sleek, powerful and intuitive front-end framework. Bootstrap packed with many features like buttons, drop down, tabs, pills, lists labels, navigation bars, progress bars, alerts, badges, tooltips, accordion, etc. Therefore, it provides most of the things that we need to make a good and stylish design for our site.

Services I offer using Bootstrap:

  • Responsive theme design using Bootstrap.
    Responsive themes are built to resize and realign itself to cater to the different screen sizes of devices including smartphones and tablets. Themes are often created for most popular CMSs. I can create best responsive themes using Bootstrap framework.
  • Re design of website using Bootstrap
    If you are looking to redesign your website and like to have responsive design then the most quicker way of doing it is using Bootstrap framework. It makes theme development easier with taking care of each responsive elements itself.
  • PSD to Bootstrap theme
    I can convert your PSDs to responsive theme/templates using Bootstrap framework.
  • PSD to Bootstrap and WP integration
    I have enough experience using WordPress and integrated many responsive themes over last years. If you are planning to go for design and development at one place then I can provide complete website solutions for you. I can convert your PSDs to responsive themes as well as I can integrate seamlessly into WordPress.
  • Semantics coding style
    Search engines need to understand what content is about on your site in order to rank website properly on search engines. Semantic code tends to improve placement of your site on search engines. And it is also easier for spiders to understand. Semantic code describes the value of content your site with regardless of style or appearance of that content. I can provide PSD to responsive theme using Bootstrap framework with best semantics coding standards.

Lets connect if you have any design to prepare responsive HTML using Bootstrap framework.

​Repair hacked WordPress site

​Repair hacked WordPress site

It is really important to react immediately, if you had your WordPress website hacked. I’ve skills and experience in dealing with all kind of hacking issues. I can repair hacked WordPress site no matter what kind of hacked case it is.

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